(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. See aviation.
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
airplane, jet, balloon, helicopter, dirigible, blimp, lighter-than-air craft, airship, airliner, zeppelin, *chopper, *egg beater, flying machine, *whirlibird, flying saucer, UFO, ultralight, Learjet, Cessna Citation, Rockwell Sabreliner, Grumman Gulfstream, Concorde, SST, Airbus, Boeing 707-757, Douglas DC-10.
air hole causing sudden drop: air pocket
air traffic jam: stack
air washed behind: backwash, prop wash, slipstream
altitude measuring device: altimeter
approach to airport: approach, glidepath
automatic flying system: autopilot
boom after exceeding speed of sound: sonic boom
broadside wind hazard: crosswind
cargo, baggage and passengers: payload
climbing stunt turn of 180 degrees: chandelle
cockpit: cabin
course: flight path
cover over motor: cowling
crash-land in water: ditch
dangerous wind condition: wind shear
detracted landing gear and flaps: flying clean
distance required for safe landing: rollout
disturbed air: turbulence
double-winged craft: biplane
drive on ground: taxi
exhaust trail in sky: contrail
falling out of sky due to low air speed: stall
faster than speed of sound: supersonic, hypersonic
flap on trailing edge of wing: aileron, airfoil
flap that slows aircraft or increases rate of descent: spoiler
flashing white lights on wingtips: strobes
flight data recorder: black box
fluid-based controls: hydraulics
green identification light on right side: starboard light
high-speed wind stream: jet stream
ice accumulation: icing
international flight route: corridor
late-night flight: redeye
light, single-seat aircraft: ultralight
long body portion: fuselage
loss of engine combustion during flight: flameout
lowest possible speed before stalling: critical speed
maximum altitude according to weather conditions: ceiling
motorless plane: glider
navigation computer system: inertial navigation system, loran
nose forced up or down by wind: pitching
opposing wind during flight: headwind
oxygen deprivation over 12,500 feet: hypoxia
perfect landing: three-point landing
physics behind flight: aerodynamics
pitch and roll display: artificial horizon
radio landing aid: microwave landing system
raise air pressure: pressurize
rapid, uncontrolled descent: dive, spin
red light on left side of craft: port light
roll and yaw caused by wind gust: Dutch roll
rollover stunt: barrel roll
sideways motion caused by wind: crabbing
speedometer: air speed indicator
stunt flying exhibition: barnstorming
tail flap controlling up and down movement of craft: elevator
tail flap that turns craft: rudder
triangular wing: delta wing
turn: bank
UFO: bogey
unmanned, radio-controlled craft: drone
vertical stabilizer at tail: fin
workshop, shelter: hangar

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